Gala likes to call herself a theater actress, as her career began in the theater, and has shaped her into the performer she is today. Gala's work has been seen in numerous productions of the National Theater, the International Theatre Ulysses and the Istrian National Theater. In the United States, her performances have been seen at the REDCAT Theater and in productions by the CalArts Center for New Performance. 

                As a performer, Gala has explored a wide range of theater genres, texts, and styles, including tragedy, comedy, absurdism, Brecht, Shakespeare, contemporary, movement-based theater, experimental theater and cabaret. She has also worked on various theater stages and loves outdoor location-based theater. She still dreams of having her own touring troupe and joining the circus. With her background as a dancer, Gala is drawn to work that utilizes the use of the body. She is well versed in theater that experiments with form and strongly believes in theater that promotes social change. 
                ‘’Gala Nikolic's role as Myrina (Lysistrata, Istrian National Theater) is both comical and serious. Among the numerous performers, she stands out as the best singer, adorned with a rich, clear alto of great volume and beautiful, subdued tones.’’ Tomislav Cadez, Morning Paper

                “This one act play (Kubrick’s Aryan Papers, REDCAT Theater) evolved around fictional events surrounding filmmaker Stanley Kubrick’s unrealized project about the Holocaust. Faring far better because of the more concise scenes was actor Gala Nikolic as the inspiring young actor thrilled to be cast in Kubrick’s film project. She was very convincing in this role, especially during the filming sections of her scene. One saw the actor transform into her character and back again.’’ Jeff Slayton, LA Dance Chronicle

               ‘’At Brijuni, a considerable effort was made to re-contextualize Shakespeare's work and face the responsibility for the horror that barbed wire and war create every day on the borders of Europe. The engine of this play is not "only" Shakespeare's words but also the thirsty silence of their active absorption. Brijuni's 'Shakespeare' is a bold and ethically courageous stage production, a testament to artistic authenticity and organizational magnitude.’’ Natasa Govedic for New Paper

Shakespeare Summer Nights
Theater Ulysses

Bert Cabaret
Theater Ulysses

Swan Lake
Croatian National Theater

Augustine Machine ou Encore Une Nuit D'Insomnie
CalArts Center for New Performance

Kubrick’s Aryan Papers
REDCAT Theater 

Istrian National Theater


Land of the Wolves

                As a director, Gala is passionate about exploring themes related to women. She made her directorial debut with the one-woman show "Land of the Wolves," which she co-wrote and directed with Tonka Mrsic. Produced by Theatre Ulysses, the show toured extensively across the Balkans, performing at national theaters and festivals, and received an award at the Festival of Short Forms in Zajecar. A dark absurdist comedy, the play explores societal pressures, patriarchy and destinies of three women in the small war torn community of Lika.

2020 - Riejka Festival, Croatia
               ‘’It seems that with the monodrama "Land of Wolves" by Gala Nikolic and Tonka Mrsic, Lika has now received a contemporary female voice.” Kim Cuculic for New Paper

               ‘’From Slavic land and air, from the white hazes of Slavic waters and seas, from Slavic snows and blizzards, from the grain of Slavic fields, our body is being created and renewed – the body of all Slavs. From Slavic feelings and emotions, from Slavic opinions and convictions, our mind and soul is made. So, when we dive into ourselves, to write something from our hearts, then everything we create is truly Slavic folk poetry.’’ Flegar and I. Moritz

Dead Croatian Women was chosen to be part of CalArts' 50th Anniversary program in 2023, showcasing the innovative spirit of a new generation of CalArts theater-makers

             ‘’A diary film is a form of Documentary that is focused on the filmmaker themselves, their thoughts and daily life, narrated from their own perspective. What began as a film class assignment in the US evolved into a profound exploration of my Croatian identity and the universal experience of growing up.” Gala Nikolic on The More I Insult, The More I Love You

Dead Croatian Women
A Traveling Troupe Show About Witch Hunts in Croatia

                In Los Angeles, Gala devised, directed, and starred in "Dead Croatian Women," a traveling troupe show about witch hunts in Croatia. This multidisciplinary, site-specific performance was created by female-identifying collaborators. Drawing on folklore rituals from her homeland, the team explored themes of female autonomy, trauma, and resistance. Incorporating Croatian folklore dance, live music, and authentic witch trial records, the show confronted the archetype of the "evil" female character, ingrained in every culture’s mysticism, and shed light on the largest female genocide - the witch hunts.

2023 - California Institute of the Arts, California
       ‘’It seems that with the monodrama "Land of Wolves" by Gala Nikolic and Tonka Mrsic, Lika has now received a contemporary female voice.” Kim Cuculic for New Paper.

Selected for an off-program at the Liburnia Film Festival
The More I Insult The More I Love You

                Gala's directorial vision extends to film with her short diary documentary "The More I Insult The More I Love You," which was selected for an off-program at the Liburnia Film Festival. This documentary touches on sex, politics, marriage, and drugs through the lens of a few friends at a birthday party in an apartment in Rijeka. One friend leaves for Germany in search of a better life, while the others get progressively drunk, maintaining a dose of internal humor. Their conversations pay homage to their generation - the lost.

2023 - California Institute of the Arts, California

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Movement Showreel
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